Every second worldwide, five people are born and two people die, leaving three more humans to inhabit the earth. That’s approximately 180 more people per minute and more than 237,000 more people hungry for dinner each night. How long can Mother Earth provide for this? The world population is 7.2 billion and grows by 80 million a year.

The Global Footprint Network estimates that we are already overusing planetary resources. In terms of renewable resources and the Earth’s capacity to absorb carbon, toxic chemicals, and other forms of pollution, we will need two Earth’s by 2030 to sustain us. Our current growth path is unsustainable. The warning signs are all around us, as rivers and lakes shrink, water tables fall, carbon emissions rise, deserts expand, forests shrink, and fisheries collapse.World Population Day 2016 would be celebrated all over the world by the people on 11th of July at Monday.
World population day is an international level awareness campaign being celebrated all over the world to call people on stage to know the reason of this exploding population year by year as well as solve the big mistake of whole human fraternity. This great awareness event is to bring a population revolution globally as well as breaking sleep of all the deeply slept people to pay their full attention and help in combating this population issue.

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